Bitec S. R. L Water and Wastewater Technologies It is active in the following areas:

  • Water Supply,
  • Primary and secondary treatment of water,
  • Waste water purification,
  • Pumping in sewage,
  • Industrial Plant Engineering
  • Irrigation.

Bitec S. R. L is structured in four distinct lines of activity:

  1. Construction and production on its own know-how and commercialization, with its own brand “Bitec”, of machines and equipments that are used in the already mentioned sectors of water treatment and purification;
  2. realization of prefabricated plantsfor pumping stations, water treatment, sewer and purification and supply of connected technical services;
  3. Specialized design Consultancy and engineering services to be given to construction companies public works, to technical studies, to institutions (in particular bodies of integrated water cycle) and industries;
  4. Marketing of systems, machines, equipment, accessories and spare parts used in the indicated sectors, together with service, repair and maintenance activities.

It operates throughout the national market, with its own sales network, made up of local agents and retailers.

The registered office, the technical-commercial and administrative department is located in Pescara, in an easily reachable area both from the city centre and from the main motorway and airport nodes.

It has modernly organized offices, with updated information technology and qualified personnel.

The whole range of production is the result of a close symbiosis between technical capacity, specialization, productive elasticity and conscious design of innovative or alternative machines to those present on the market, respecting the highest quality standard and Efficiency of the final product.

Particular attention is paid to the technical update with specific literature and participation in specific conferences for the sector. This philosophy allows to offer on the market high quality products at very low cost compared to those of most manufacturers.

Bitec S.r.l. is born from the will of its founding members to exploit the ultra twenty years experience gained in the field of water supply, treatment of waters, purification, industry, irrigation and plant engineering Technology both under the construction aspect and in the plant design related to the world of fluids. It is increasingly dedicated to hydraulic and electro-mechanical equipment in the different sectors of intervention with a thorough knowledge of the market and products.

Since 1987 it has been the precise will of its founders to mature those experiences and a high specialization in the different sectors of intervention, which, together with the desire to raise the quality standard of the products and services, today allow it to Fully meet the needs of a specialist market where it is extremely difficult to find such skills in a single company.
Thanks also to the continuous collaboration and activities carried out in the other companies of the sector, it is today recognized as reference point for specific solutions in the fields of water supply, wastewater treatment, sewage, industry and Irrigation.

The quality standard assured by high engineering with sophisticated design systems through specific software and the constant control during the production stages put it at the most qualified levels in the panorama of competitors National and foreign countries.


Our dream is work: to offer innovative systems and products of excellence for the way of water treatment.
We want to help all those who make works in this field to do it in the best, most efficient and most beautiful way for a better quality that can be enjoyed by all.


The love for what we do, the cult for the customer, the enhancement of people, the passion for excellence understood as love for quality, beauty and well-done.
The search for a long-lasting growth that respects the environment and sustainability.


We want to be the point of reference in the world of water treatment technologies, for those who design, distribute and construct.
An innovative company that diffuses the culture of excellence by proposing the best products and the best solutions in the sector and for those who work there.


Our partners are:

  • Managers operating in the water world.
  • Industries, in every sector of belonging.
  • Designers and professional collaborators.
  • Suppliers.
  • Dealers.
  • Installers.
  • Users.
  • Community.
  • Integrated Systems builders with other technologies


The production activity of the company is located in central Italy and organized with modern production lines for the processing of steels. All the production is constantly monitored.

Research & Development

All the products of the company are the result of research, intuition and field experience.
The expertise and knowledge of technical staff, constantly committed to researching innovative ideas and solutions to be proposed to the market, has allowed to develop products cared and researched, the result of research and technological innovation, constantly appreciated By the clientele.

Commercial Organization

Further ingredient of success is customer orientation. The tireless commitment is to satisfy in every way who has placed his trust in the company. All this is possible thanks to a precious commercial team, a sales network composed by qualified professionals and experts of the problems of the water treatment, able to propose fast, effective and economical solutions.


The Engineering service of Bitec is available to customers (designers, companies, resellers, installers, clients) for every need related to design, co-design, feasibility studies, comparative analyses and costs, Dimensioned and scrutineering of its products, as well as assistance on site for technical support, also during installation.


Further ingredient of success is customer orientation. The tireless commitment is to satisfy in every way who has placed his trust in the company. All this is possible thanks to a precious commercial team, a sales network composed by qualified professionals and experts of the problems of the water treatment, able to propose fast, effective and economical solutions.


The whole phase of conception and design of the company production is constantly supported by modern technologies of mechanical design with the help of three-dimensional modelling software and advanced management systems, thanks to which 3d rendering is speeded up and the quality standards established are assured.

The company operates in strict compliance with the strictest international standards in terms of quality UNI EN ISO 9001.

The company has in fact achieved the quality certification by investing ample resources in research and respecting what it considers the first fundamental step to be able to affirm with absolute tranquility that the whole cycle of product, from its design To its realization and subsequent delivery to the customer is constantly checked and verified. The whole thing translates into guarantee and customer satisfaction.

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